Maison Dorin or the story of a big brand of perfume Based almost three centuries ago, Maison Dorin is the most former house of perfume shop and cosmetic of France today. The luxury symbol of this big brand of perfume dating the 18th century continues through ages and so delivers a historic testimony. Rediscover a prestigious perfume, created in 18th century by the House Dorin For almost three centuries, The House Dorin represents the big tradition of the French perfume shop. Our fundamental values, based on the excellent will and on the requirement allowed us to place us among the creators of prestigious perfume.

The collection

Les Eaux Poudrées

POWDERY WATERS This line pays tribute to the heritage of Dorin linked to make up and beauty products, also to flowers which are[...]

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Versailles Scents

Drawing inspiration straight from the very history of the House of Dorin, this new collection harks back to the heady end of the 18th century[...]

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In life as on stage, Dorina shines like a star DORINA, AN ICON This powdery iris fragrance has been created as a tribute to those most rare[...]

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Dorin D’Or

Perfume, gold and sophistication at their apogee. Pandora's box or fabulous treasure? To glimpse into these boxes is to open up your soul to[...]

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La Dorine

LA DORINE, the personification of Maison Dorin   Definitely the symbol of Marguerite Brunet, so called Mademoiselle Montansier,[...]

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Un Air d’Amour

Love amazes, evanesces, Surprises and takes over our heart but above all is shared. Two fragrances: an original Chypre for Her, A floral Russian[...]

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Candle Light

The prestigious MaisonDorin introduces a new line of royal fragrances, Candlelight. A celestial chandelier, a royal candle, a bright[...]

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Un Air d’Arabie

Allow Dorin to paint for you a vivid olfactory oriental mosaic picture.  Bridging two cultures, Air d’Arabie seeks to be a collection of[...]

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Un Air de Damas

Through these gorgeous floral bouquets, Dorin pays homage to one of the most historical and beautiful cities in the Middle East, in which the[...]

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Un Air de Paris

Air of Paris, almost an air of déja vu... The Classique, based on an original 1886 formula, is faithful to the tradition of traditional and[...]

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